about this video dasi han morgi farming in pakistan new 2018 Dr. M. Ashraf Sahibzada Chairman, Noble Deeds Foundation (native of Bhaddar Gujrat) a world renowned Pakistani Agricultural Scientist replies to farmers quarries on almost all aspects of agriculture and livestock. Extends free advisory service to farmers of Pakistan and South Asia Directorate of Audio Visual Communications (AVC) National Agricultural Research Center (NARC) Pakistan Agricultural Research Council (PARC) Ministry Of National Food Security & Research This video is for people who wants to start desi hens poultry farm this type of farming is free of risk and can earn more as compare to boiler chicken farm. desi murghee poultry farm,murghee,desi,poultry,farm,desi eggs,eggs,start farming,hen farm,golden eggs,chicken farm,chicken Rani Khet Ka Elaj. ( CARE WITH FOOD ) ( BY: MEHTAB BALOCH my friend and this Aseel is his also. This Aseel is Ganju. He is the father of the previous Aseel I showed you in the other video. Ganju is a 9 time winner. He is a very good breede Aseel for sale,Asil chicken,Aseel hen,Aseel chicken,Aseel murgha,Aseel,Aseels,Aseel fight,Aseel rooster,Asil chicken for sale,Aseel murga,Aseel chicks for sale,Aseel hen for sale,Aseel chicks,Asil rooster,Olx aseel,Aseel hen food,Aseel murga olx,Aseel hen fight,Aseel chicken fight,Aseel cockfighting videos,Fighting chicken breeds,Shamo rooster,Aseel rooster for sale,Indian aseel,Murga fight,Aseel breed,Aseel murga fight,Aseel olx

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